Lorraine Stern


Lorraine Stern, grew up in the country of the Central Coast California, surrounded by nature and redwoods.  She is the product of a flower farmer Father and Peruvian Mother. 

This interest in nature led Lorraine to study horticulture at Cal Poly SLO. She went on to launch a very successful international business selling dried flowers to companies such as William Sonoma and Walt Disney.

Being a mother took priority and after the birth of Lorraine’s’ second child, Lorraine sold her business and became a full time Mom. This led into studying alternative therapies and homeopathy to help keep her kids healthy.

One thing led to another, as homeopathy opened the door to energy healing, and Bowen massage, and finally shamanism.

Wanting to learn directly from Peruvian medicine men and women, Lorraine studied directly from Indigenous healers ( too many to name) and famous teachers Alberto Villoldo, Don Mariano Apaza, Jose Luis Herrera, and Juan Nunez del Prado.

She has now taken these direct teachings and put them all together into a medicine wheel, so that everyone can embody the wisdom of the Andes. 


Linda Lois Churchill


Linda Lois Churchill (Kulbir Kaur) is a certified level Two Kundalini Research Institute Teacher, Ashtanga Yoga Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, Mesa Carrier, Shamanic Practitioner, Addictive Behavior Consultant (30 years of personal recovery work) and Art Therapist. She holds an M.F.A. in Sculpture and an M.A. in Ceramics. Her Shamanic training was with the Four Winds Light Body School and Jose Luis Herrera, plus many workshops with the likes of Joan Wilcox, Hank Wesselman, Lorraine Stern, Vilma and Sandra Ingerman.

All my studies…… all my life experiences ….have led me to one conclusion: