Gate of the Earth

We begin our journey by connecting with our Earth Mother and stepping fully into our hearts by letting go of our old stories, and becoming present. When we reconnect with the Earth ( Pachemama), we become reconnected with all of life and the bigger grid of the Universe. When we let go of our old stories and beliefs, we make room to create the life of our dreams. Shifting the old patterns and stories by expressing them and then letting them go, gives us room for new ones. In the letting go, and shifting of old patterns, we connect with our own innate wisdom of the Healer. 

Practices of the Earth:

If we want to enact change in our lives, then we need to become conscious of all that in which we want to shift. The Gate of the Earth direction teaches us how to be present, and look at old behaviors and stories, and shift them. The Earth is the supreme composter. She takes all the old, and recycles it. She show us how to let go, so that we have space to bring in new energy and new experiences. 

The Gate of the Earth is connecting with our own innate healer inside of us. Our bodies have the wisdom to heal themselves. We just need to learn how to reconnect and be with that wisdom.  Part of that reconnecting is to learn how to take care of our physical bodies. Pachemama, or Mother Earth brings us abundance. All of our food comes from her fertile soil. When we learn to connect with her abundance we can effortlessly bring that same energy into our lives.  

Does this resonate?

You want to go from being broke to abundance, and you want it now!

You want to feel healthy and happy.

You’re ready to be free of your baggage.

Pisac, Peru

Pisac, Peru