Gate of the Wind

Wayra means wind. The wind is where we first taste freedom. This Gate is about the internal process of weaving our energetic bodies to our spines so that our inside matches our outside. We approach the wind in conjunction with the Earth. When we are grounded deeply into the Earth like a tree, then the wind scatters our seeds of our becoming instead of blowing us down. The wind brings possibilities and change.  It is the direction of the mind, and we learn how to use our minds in a way that allows us to manifest and sit in the driver’s seat of our lives. 

Although we work with our ancestors in each gate, during the Gate of the Wind we learn how to heal our ancestors. Our ancestors live within our DNA, they are a part of our blood, and when they are healed, their stagnant energy doesn’t live inside us. We become free to find our own purpose in life, and our own way.

See if this resonates?

You’re doing everything you’ve been told to, and life still sucks.

Your past keeps stopping you from moving forward.

Does your families needs suck you dry?

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